Model SR/SSR

The supporting pillar and the swivelling arms are stored in an angle-steel frame. The frame, which has also the purpose of a case is fixed on the floor with special plugs. The substantial angle-steel frame can be fitted with panels and doors to from cabinet ist desired. The swivelling arms, made of square section tubular steel, are welded to bushes; they carry the receiving lugs. Ease of use assured by grease lubrication. The grinding discs (max. 60 kg) will be put on the receiving lugs, which are made to Turex factory standard or customers‘ specifications (aluminium ist the preferred raw material).

Therefore the grinding disc can be withdrawn or returned by hand with the utmost ease.

A cable-type secruity system, prevents more than one disc from being swivelled out at a time, eliminating the risk of the unit tipping over. Units can be painted in any RAL-colours required.

Disc Storage Units TYPE DSSR

The advantages at a glance:

  • double door cabinet
  • lockable

This model is well known for its high capacity. Please note the description of model SSR on page 3, which shows you the special advantages. Without covering - model DSR - available on request.

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