Model SE

The advantages at a glance:

  • Discs on several levels
  • Horizontal axle position for a quick change
  • Synthetic shells secure the mounting hole
  • Arms with security bolt
  • Intermediate storage on the outside is possible
  • Easy entrance

This on all sides closed Disc storage unit, which is shaped like an octagon, will be connected to floor. At the center is a rotating ballbearing pillar. 2 or more levels with each 4 supporting arms are fixed on the pillar to mount the grinding discs. The pillar is easy to rotate, even at maximun loading.

Because of the opportunity to store the grinding discs on two levels, the capacity is enourmasly increasing. Through the horizontal axle position there is also the advantage of an easy storage and takeout of the discs.

The security bolts on the supporting arms prevent the discs from slipping. Two supporting arms on the outside of the storage unit make a intermediate storage of the discs possible.

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